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Become part of the Makers Renaissance with Master Bladesmith, Jason Knight. After more than 30,000 hours of experience in his craft Jason shares his passion for why he forges steel into beautiful and functional works of art. Forged: Jason Knight Maker Series takes you on an in-depth journey from the concept to creation of his Elemental Knife.

You will experience digital access to Jason’s studio, learn about the tools he trusts, and follow his process from design to delivery. Jason’s unique techniques for shaping steel, heat treating, and handle design all contribute to his production of one of the most loved blades in the knife industry, the Brute de Forge Chopper. Not only will you learn the “how-to” of bladesmithing, but also the “why” that drives Jason to keep returning to the forge day after day.

Get unlimited access on any device and learn some of the most coveted techniques in the forging industry from the comfort of your home.