Makers Forge Studio Online Series

Forged Legacy: Viking Hatchet | $179

In the long-awaited Forged Legacy: Viking Tomahawk series Jason talks you through making a Viking Tomahawk as he demonstrates each process from forge to finish.

Special Thanks to AmeriBradeCoal IronworksCombat AbrasivesLC KingNicks BootsWicked Wax for making this series possible. 
Production Team:  CW Media

heritage series: Chef's knife "Unplugged" | $179

Master Bladesmith Jason Knight is teaching you how to forge a chef's knife without a power hammer or press.

In the Heritage Series, Jason talks you through the process of forging "unplugged". You'll learn the art that goes into making a chef's knife with bare-essential tools: hand hammer, anvil, forge, and grinder. 

Purchase Heritage today and get all 6 episodes at one time! 

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FORGED: Online Course Bundle

Value of all three chapters $537

  • Forged Chapter 1: Elemental Chopper with Jason Knight
  • Forged Chapter 2: Canister Damascus w/ Steve Schwarzer
  • Forged Chapter 3: Integral Chef's Knife with Jason Knight

Forged MAKER SERIES: Elemental Chopper | $179.00

Become part of the Makers Renaissance with Master Bladesmith, Jason Knight. After more than 30,000 hours of experience in his craft Jason shares his passion for why he forges steel into beautiful and functional works of art. Forged: Jason Knight Maker Series takes you on an in-depth journey from the concept to creation of his Elemental Knife.

Forged MAKER SERIES: Canister Damascus | CHAPTER TWO

Producing Canister Damascus is a coveted steel compositing process that takes skill, practice, and patience. In this course, Mastersmith Steve Schwarzer, one of the pioneers of the technique, will walk you through his process and show you how to achieve consistent results in your composite work. This course is available through this website as part of the Forged Bundle or separately through Steve's Patreon, where you will also get direct access to Steve.

Forged MAKER SERIES: Integral Chef's Knife | CHAPTER THREE | $179.00

Chef’s knives are the most widely known and used type of blade in the world but in this class, Jason Knight teaches how to make a chef’s knife that goes well beyond the run-of-the-mill standard. With very specific parameters and specifications, Jason teaches his process for producing this functioning work of art, the Integral Chef’s Knife.