Studio Class: Brutalist Wakizashi w/Ito Wrap -  $2000

Studio Class: Brutalist Wakizashi w/Ito Wrap - $2000

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October 18-21, 2023  4-Day Class
Class Cost: $2000
$300 Non-refundable deposit to be paid at checkout.
Skill:  Advanced. Grinding experience required.

Tristen Knight be taking the lead on this class. Jason will be present to assist.
Day 1:  Design and Forging
Day 2:  Rough Grinding and Heat Treating
Day 3:  Finish Grinding
Day 4:  Ito Wrap Handle and Sharpening

Techniques:  Design, Forging, Grinding, Heat-treating, Ito Wrap Handle, Sharpening
Non-refundable Deposit Required: $300 paid by cart. $1700 balance will be invoiced.